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Abbie’s Sports Shop: Vancouver’s Biggest Disc Golf Selection

Come in to Abbie’s Sports to choose from Vancouver’s best selection of disc golf discs.

Come in to Abbie’s Sports to choose from Vancouver’s best selection of disc golf discs.


No Sign Up, No Rules, No Cost… Disc Golf Is For Everyone.

All through British Columbia – Vancouver, Kootenays, Okanagan, you name it – more and more people are being drawn to this fantastic sport of Disc Golf. Maybe it’s because it’s infamous for being a casual sport everyone can play. All skill levels are welcome, and all incomes, too. With free courses the only investment is your discs and even then you can just borrow from a friend.

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Disc Golf at Abbie’s

We take this offhand sport rather seriously. For years now, Abbie’s Sports Shop has held the distinction of the store with the best selection of disc golf discs in Western Canada.


We’ve situated ourselves close to one of our favourite courses, at Queen Elizabeth Park, for ease of access. If you find an ownerless disc out on the course, you can drop it off in our Return-It pile here at 4774 Main Street and 32nd Avenue, or on the other hand, ask us if someone dropped off any discs you may have lost.

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We have a wide selection of drivers, midrange and putters of the well known brands like Innova, Discraft and Prodigy in a variety of price-points, and you’ll also find our wall filled with more recent or smaller names like DGA, Disc Mania, Gateway, MVP, Latitude 64, and Millennium.


Our supplier brings in collector discs like limited editions from past tournaments, classic comeback discs like Steady Ed 001 named after the creator of the sport, and first run discs – trial discs. And if you hear of any new releases, we’ll probably be getting them in soon.


Be sure to ask our knowledgeable staff when you’re choosing a disc. Walk us through how you like to throw and we’ll discuss your flight path and pattern options to help you find the best balance of grip, durability and performance.

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Disc Golf: Driver, Mid-Range and Putter

Drivers are aerodynamic and built for distance to help you glide a long way down the fairway. A higher priced disc, at least in our store, means better quality plastic that is more flexible for dings and lasts longer. Banged up discs change their flight pattern and are less predictable.


Drivers can be used for mid-range, so if you can only get two discs to start, we recommend getting a driver and a putter, but if you’re throw is getting better and you’re hitting the basket, you may want to think about picking up a mid-range disc that has more of a curved edge that will last a bit longer.


Putters have an even more rounded edge than drivers, which keeps the disc from bouncing back. You want that disc to hit the basket and drop right in. They also won’t get banged up.

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