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Disc Golf Quiz: What Kind of Player Are You?

Disc Golf is truly a sport for all.

Like many accuracy sports, Disc Golf is safe for beginners and fun for those who only want to play it socially, while propelling many to excellence.

In general, players recognize the different priorities of others and are very respectful. This is one of the things that makes Disc Golf so special.

Now go on and see which type of player you are!

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A) It’s early Monday morning and the sky is that color of gray when you can’t tell if
it’s cloudy or clear. You’re waiting impatiently looking out the window until
confirming; it’s a beautiful day. This is the perfect chance to get in a round of disc
golf before your coworkers are even out of bed, and with the world to yourself, you
will watch the sun rise through the trees and early mist of the morning.

B) Sundays are for sleeping off Saturday night and a heavy brunch that will last the
day with whoever accepts the mass invite you sent an hour ago. After that, it’s the
usual. At least part of the group will make their way over to the disc golf course to
continue the conversation and whoever didn’t remember their discs or have never
played can borrow one from you, since you have a small collection of unclaimed
discs from finding them or swapping them over the years.

C) Staying active is about discovering a hobby that gets you outdoors with a good
friend. Disc golf is a gratifying challenge, and is flexible enough to let you improve at your
own pace. You are independent to go out on your own when no one else is free, but
since your friend is also working on their approach, you usually meet up with them
spontaneously in between the scheduled times the two of you play. It’s nice to have
someone analyze your technique and cheer when you cut through the wind to
secure that birdie.

D) People don’t know how you find the time to learn about the newest discs and
upcoming competitions, because you are always either playing on the course or
putting in your backyard. They do, however, know you by name, recognize the bag
you carry that seems to have an endless supply of the perfect disc for every situation
and for your unwavering smile that is only replaced by short lapses of serious
expression brought on by intense concentration.


Answer to Who You Are

A) Solitary and Alive
B) Peaceful and Receptive
C) Balanced and Trustworthy
D) A Legacy and Optimist


Come in to Abbie’s Sports to choose from Vancouver’s best selection of disc golf discs.

Come in to Abbie’s Sports to choose from Vancouver’s best selection of disc golf discs.

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