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Changes For 2018

For all the Abbies Sports Shop customers who shop for their Little Leaguer’s Baseball Equipment, we would like to make it known that 2017 will be the LAST year for the current bat Specifications.

The Current Specs are as follows for all “LITTLE LEAGUE” BATS: 2 ¼” Barrel Diameter with a BPF @ 1.15. The Little League rules state that “COMPOSITE” and “ALLOY” materials can be used for the Bats, however, you should check with your Little League to ensure that “COMPOSITE” Barrel bats are Legal in your particular Association. We mention this as we know that some associations in the lower mainland do not allow “Composite” Barrel Bats in their House League Season (April to mid-June generally.)


We have made a great deal of inquiries with our various Baseball Equipment Suppliers over the last 18 months. To date, none have been able to provide us with the New Specs for bats in 2018, other than to tell us that the Current Spec will be illegal for use in “Little League” as of January 1st 2018. Here is the link to the Little League international website.

Deal and Giveaway

With that said we still need bats for 2017, and we have them for you, so come in this weekend and save an Additional 10% off of the already great Abbie’s Price Point on ALL Little League bats (Composite & Alloy Barrel). All customers that Buy a Little League Bat this weekend will be entered to win 1 of 2  2018 Specific Bats we are giving away.   Please note that from our communication with our Supply Chain the give away bats will be available in September of this Year.   Therefore the 2 Winners will be Compensated with their Prize at that Time.